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Fuerteventura Villas

The concept of a private villa rental began in the 1990s in Fuerteventura as a superior way of accommodating a family group all under one roof. The recent history of villas in Fuerteventura has seen marked improvements in both the availability of villas, their equipment levels, the privacy of the villas and proximity of the villas to the resorts that are available in Fuerteventura.

Many of the villas in Fuerteventura have been built in very recent years. The Spanish builders have succeeded in keeping Fuerteventura properties traditional in appearance, complimenting the older properties in Fuerteventura, whilst still capturing the enchanting essence of the island. One example is the strict rules that apply to the colours used to paint these villas and every building is sympathetic to the island’s tradition and culture. Some of the Fuerteventura resorts, namely Corralejo and Costa Caleta, now boast private villas of all descriptions, sizes and levels of comfort.

It is now possible to rent Fuerteventura villas for as little as £300 per week for a family of 4-5 persons. The rental rates increase the nearer you are located to the main resorts and £400 to £500 is typically great value for a private villa, with its own heated pool, located within walking distance of resort amenities. For larger Fuerteventura villas in prime locations and accommodating more than 6 people £600 or substantially more is commonplace.

Fuerteventura villas located front line to the much sought after sand dunes, surf beaches and flat calm lagoons of Fuerteventura often carry a hefty premium for rental. The location of second line properties and those located a few hundred meters inland from the shoreline present the most competitive rental rates and yet still offer the convenience of close proximity to Fuerteventura resort attractions.

Good quality local supermarkets feature highly in choosing one Fuerteventura villa over another. Self-catering amenities are no longer a 2-ring hob, a patio set and a sofa bed. Time has inevitably moved on and it is usual to expect equipment levels that exceed those in your own home for little more than an apartment would cost in the1990s. Most villas in Fuerteventura have some form of satellite TV, a private garden, barbeque area, rooms and beds that accommodate every party member without recourse to sofa beds and temporary arrangements.

Some Fuerteventura villas offer internet access, Sky Sport and Sky movies via wide screen TVs, heated private swimming pools, good quality furnishings together with lots of private space to chill and relax, one step removed from the hustle and bustle of Fuerteventura resort centres.

All this is made possible in Fuerteventura at a significant saving with the advent of budget airlines. Ryanair introduced the £1 fare plus taxes to the island during the winter season in the last few years. More recently Easyjet have taken over and for the first time summer flights have become permanently established from Liverpool, Bristol and Stansted airports in 2010.

When choosing Fuerteventura villas it is important to consider the reputation and professionalism of the agent or owners seeking to rent the property to you. Whilst the large rental companies are often a safe bet, you will pay a premium for their services as an agent’s commission of at least 10% and frequently an awful lot more is added to the base cost of the accommodation.

Questions such as - how long has the proprietor been organising Fuerteventura villa rentals? Have you posted a quick question on the main island website and asked others about the owners? Does tripadvisor mention the villas at all?

This research is very quick and easy to organise and it will make certain that you select the best possible accommodation for the most competitive of rental rates.

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