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Frequently Asked Questions

What order do I book a private villa rental? Do I book the accommodation first or the flights first?

Contact us initially to put a provisional hold (typically 48hrs) for your dates. This way you can be sure that the accommodation will not go to anyone else interested in the same dates. During this provisional hold period you are free to research and book flights (our flights and hire car page will assist you}. Once your flights are reserved contact us again to confirm your reservation.

Where are your rental villas in Corralejo?

We have an aerial map of the resort with each property location marked "HERE"

What is the weekly rental rate of each property?

Each villa’s weekly rental rate is set at the same low level for every week of the year. There is no variation in price. Just click on each property listing and the rental rate is shown.

Do you offer special rates at certain times of the year?

No. Our weekly rental rates are set at the same level all year. We compare our villa prices with others regularly and fix our own rates for the whole year at or below the level these competitors charge for similarly specified properties in their lowest priced weeks of the year. There are villas further inland listed for Corralejo, up to 3 kms from the main resort that often appear better value compared to our own. Whilst they are marginally cheaper, they are cut price for a reason and the reason is they are so far away from the main resort.

Are there any extras that you charge for?

No. Our prices are all inclusive and we make no extra charge for things like swimming pool heating, housekeeping, damage deposits etc.

What equipment is included in each of the villas?

A list of each villa equipment level is listed "HERE"

What do we do about getting from the airport to your villas?

This is very much personal choice, but basically there are 4 options.

1 There are half hour services by bus from the airport to the main bus terminal in Puerto del Rosario and from there to Corralejo. This service costs just a few euros but it isn’t the best if you are a first time visitor with lots of luggage!

2 The second option is to take a taxi (maximum 4 persons) to Corralejo from the rank outside the airport doors. Whilst this is the most convenient it is getting on for 100 euros for the return trip. For shorter journeys taxis are much cheaper and are to be recommended around the resort itself.

3 The third option is to hire a car (we have a link on our flights and hire page). This option offers you the most flexibility and in terms of cost it is only marginally more expensive than option 2.

4 The fourth option is popular too and again our ‘flights and hire page’ has a link to our recommended service provider. This is a private transfer by coach direct to Corralejo and the cost beats the local taxis for the same journey.

Do you have somewhere to store our luggage if we have a late return flight?

No, only hotels generally have this facility. However if we do not have an arrival on the last day of your break we will always check with our housekeepers to ascertain if a longer stay that day is possible. If we are unable to organise a late departure due to arrivals the same day then we advise clients to either hire a car on the next last day from the Cicar office at the bottom of the resort main street and arrange to return it to the airport. Alternatively most nearby bars or cafes will keep luggage secure in return for a few drinks.

What happens if our flight is cancelled due to industrial action or events such as volcanic ash cloud disruption?

If you are staying in one our villas everything possible will be done for you to remain at the accommodation until you are able to book a suitable return flight. No extra charges will be made in such circumstances. Where possible we will assist in the search for a return flight and suggest alternatives via unaffected airports. Outbound flight cancellations will just as easily be dealt with by setting aside future dates for you, again at no extra cost.

What do we do about travel insurance?

Travel insurance is always recommended for our clients and one of the features of the policy should cover cancellations. This price comparison website has some competitive rates for independent travellers www.moneysupermarket.com (click on the 'insurance' and then 'travel insurance' tabs).

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